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Find Us Worldwide

Welcome to Reclaiming's international communities listings. These communities are connected with Reclaiming Witchcamps, or are anchored by Reclaiming teachers.

Reclaiming circles meet in other areas as well. Join the international email discussion list to learn about wider Reclaiming organizing.

These pages contain instructions on how to:

Please note: Reclaiming offers the below list as a public service, but is not legally bound to nor responsible for these communities. If you are already in a Reclaiming-identified community but don't see your community listed here, please email the ecell.


Australian Reclaiming Community / EarthSong and CloudCatcher Witchcamps



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Witch Camp

Witch Camps are residential, week-long programs offered during the summertime in various locations around the U.S., Canada, England and Germany, and offered to people at all levels of experience. Newcomers can learn the basic skills of magic and ritual, working with the elements, movement, sound and the mythological and historical framework of the Goddess Tradition. Find the closest one near you at

International E-Mail Discussion Lists

RIDL (Reclaiming International Discussion List) - general discussion of topics of interest to the Reclaiming Tradition. Sign up at:

LivRiv (Pagan Cluster organizing and announcements list) - anti-globalisation and political activism efforts. Sign up at:

Teachers and Priestesses

Reclaiming Community Resource Collaborative

The Reclaiming Community Resource Collaborative (also known by the much shorter acronym, RCRC) came about when Starhawk perceived an upcoming need -- generated by the book "The Twelve Wild Swans" -- that people would want assistance in creating and developing their own local communities. A call was put out to local Reclaiming communities around the world, asking for those with in-depth teaching, organizing, priestessing and activism experience to be a part of a public list, as a "Resource" to the greater witchcraft/pagan community.

Some questions you may have:

Or, if you've already know the answers to the questions above:

What type of resource do I need?

The people who have listed themselves as "resources" have put in their biographies one or more of the following talents. Reviewing this list may help you determine what you need:

  1. Community mentor:  Experienced teachers who are willing to make a long term commitment to help nurture a new community according to its unique needs. This might include travelling there to teach or co-teach some courses or weekend workshops, providing opportunities for local teachers to help and gain experience, helping newer teachers develop courses and curriculae, some personal mentoring, feedback and whatever else is needed.
  2. Guest teacher/artist:  Someone who is willing to travel to another community and offer a class, workshop, ritual, etc. in some special area, such as Masks, theater, labyrinth, meeting facilitation, etc. or to offer one of the core courses if needed.  A one time commitment, not ongoing.
  3. Organizer mentor:  Someone who is willing to provide guidance and mentorship to organizers of local classes, workshops, and large events.  Could be ongoing, or a special one-time course:  for example, Event Production.
  4. Priestess on call:  Someone willing to be available to do handfastings, funerals, personal counseling, mediation, etc.  And/or available and willing to help out with public rituals, events, etc.
  5. Magical Activism Resource:  Someone willing to train others in magical activism, nonviolent direct action, organizing and campaign building from a magical perspective, ritual for actions, etc.

How do I choose a resource?

Easy enough! Go to the Resource listing page (but not just yet!), and look over the biographies. We have resources listed by geographic regions. When you see a person whose talents look helpful to you, contact them via their email link. If it's all too overwhelming, feel free to contact the the Resource Coordinator, whose info is listed at the top of the Resource page; he or she can also help you further determine a correct match. We encourage you to choose more than one resource, so as to get more than one point-of-view. If you only choose one, the resource person may decide to bring in a second resource on their own, in keeping with the evolving Reclaiming tradition of co-teaching/sharing.

Anything else I should know?

All who list themselves as a Resource have agreed to teach and mentor according to the Reclaiming "Principles of Unity".

The people who have listed themselves as resources might request recompense and/or a stipend for travelling, teaching, or priestessing. It is up to the individual resource, in accordance to his or her practice, and is not regulated by the RCRC.

If you have a question or complaint about an individual Resource's behavior, please contact the the Resource Coordinator immediately. Please also feel free to talk to several people before deciding on one or two particular resources; if none appeal to you at this time, check back a month after the Spring and Fall Equinoxes, when we update our listings.

Blessings on your journey!

The Reclaiming Community Resource Collaborative

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