The Spiral Dance

The following 1998 ritual outline is here to give you an idea of the flow of the Spiral Dance.
This year's ritual will undoubtedly have many of these same elements, however, each year it takes on a life of it's own so this should not be taken as "gospel".


1998 Spiral Dance Ritual Outline

7 - 8 p.m.

Come and view the altars.

At the North Altar paper is provided to
write down the names of your Beloved Dead.

Trick or treating is available at all the altars for the children.
Look for the Priestesses holding orange bags.


8 p.m.

Conch Shells sound, this will be the beginning of our ritual.

The Casting of the Circle

With song and music we begin the Invocations
to East, South, West, North and Center

Invocation to the Ancestors

Calling of the names of our Beloved Babies,
all who have been born to our community in the last year

With song and music we call and welcome in the Goddess and God

Invocation of the Mighty Dead

Call of the names of our Beloved Dead,
all of those who have died in the community in the last year.
All ritual participants are invited at this time to go to
a directional altar and light a candle for their Beloved Dead.

The Journey

Prepare to set sail for the island where birth and death meet.
Let us greet our Beloved Dead. Share our love with them
and ask for their wisdom. Together with them, we dance
the Spiral of Life, Death and Rebirth.

Blessing of the food and drink

Bid farewell to our Beloved Dead, Mighty Dead and Ancestors

With song and music, we say farewell
to the Goddess and God and the Elements

Opening of the Circle

We invite you to stay a while, dance and chat, meet new friends.
We also would appreciate any help with clean up and chair stacking.


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